Sumatera : Masjid Jami’ Air Tiris, Kampar, Riau

Official Name : Masjid Jami’ Air Tiris / Pekan Usang

Other : Masojuik Jami’ Aio Tirih/Masojuik Pokan Usang (locals dialect)

Location : Desa Tanjung Berulak, Pasar Usang, Kampar, Riau

( 13 kms from Kampar’s capital: Bangkinang; 52 kms from Riau’s capital: Pekanbaru)

Province : Riau – Indonesia

Build : 1901 as initiated by local ulema Engku Muda Songkal (Ongku Mudo Songkal) and Ninik-Mamak Nan XII (Ninik Mamak Nan Duo Boleh)

The gate that welcomes us, instantly reminding that we are in the Negeri Kampar..the buffalo root says it all…

Style : Could’ve been inspired by the Masjid Agung Demak in Java (left-top) of which also evidence in Masjid Kampung Laut, Kelantan in Malay Peninsula (right-top). But this style also could be found in the region as seen in Masjid Jamik Bingkudu, Candung, Agam of neighbouring West Sumatra (Minangkabau) (right-bottom) and even in its nearest Rumbio district -also in Kampar, Riau- in the style of the colorful Masjid Jamik Pulau Payuong (left-bottom).

Three tiers root

Materials :

inside the masjid

The ceilings

the ‘tangga’ -the entry into Panggung (rooted) style Masjid-

Water to get ‘wudlu’ before entering Masjid

The centerpoint of Air Tiris village, Kampar, Riau..monument emphasize it!!

Simply classic Kampar…

Photo credits : ; and various source


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